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101-Mar-2021 (11:00 AM)Availability of online Common Application Form (CAF) in the S&ME Department website "" for Correspondence Course Admission
215-Mar-2021 (11:50 AM)Last date of applying online CAF ""
302-Mar-2021 to 19-Mar-2021 (12:00 Noon)Last date for submission of CAF at Examination Management Hub (EMH) along with fee receipt for tagging & validation
426-Mar-2021 (02:00 PM)Publication of List of the selected applicants
530-Mar-2021 (11:00 AM) to 05-Apr-2021 (04:00 PM)Deposit of Admission fee through SB collect & submission of documents for Admission at Examination Management Hub (EMH)
630-Mar-2021 (11:00 AM) to 07-Apr-2021 (01:00 PM)Admission of students in SAMS e-Space by Examination Management Hub (EMH)
7To be notified latterDistribution of Correspondenece study materials