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Student Academic
Management System (SAMS)

Student Admission in Junior (+2), and Degree (+3) Colleges were done in offline mode where students were required to go to every colleges to apply for Admission (for e.g. if a student desires to apply for five colleges he/she have to go every college) which turned out to be an arduous task for students.

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For Students

Apply for multiple institutions through one Common Application (CAF) making it cost and time effective.
Students to get selected for admission in Institution of their choice only.
Slide-up ensures eligible students get selected for admission in higher choice of preference institution applied in the CAF.
All relevant information regarding the institutions is available on a single portal.
Students get their intimation or other admission related information on the portal.
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For Institute

Institutions manage all admission and administration processes of their Institute online.
Manpower required by Institutions to manage admission and administration processes considerably reduced.
Institutions admit meritorious students from across the State owing to the single online process.
Workload reduced due to the automation of processes like admit card, RoM, Registration card, Form fill-up etc.
SAMS maintains the year wise students information database, helping the institutions access the information easily.

Analytics 2020-21

Happy Voices

"SAMS has addressed the need for a unified online admission platform which is omnichannel. The robustness of this digital intervention has been endorsed by its successful run for 12+ years on ground in a “self-sustainable mode”. Proud to be part of the solution that has covered academic administration across 4000+ Higher Secondary Schools, colleges, institutes & simplified the admission process for more than 6 Lakhs applicants."

Dr.Bhagirathi Kandi Officer-in-Charge SAMS, Project Management Unit

The admission process by SAMS is highly beneficial to students, Parents and Guardians as a whole. A clear picture regarding the location of the college, availability of subjects, and the number of seats available subject wise etc. are available in the SAMS Website for easy access to the students and their parents. Phase-wise admission facility is also available to the students by SAMS subject to the approval of Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. of Odisha. Above all, students need to go through the local newspapers and Website of SAMS in order to have a first-hand knowledge regarding the Time -table for On-line application date, date of admission order to avoid last moment anxiety for admission.

Dr.Niranjan Mishra Principal, B.J.B (A) College, Bhubaneswar

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