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A student is required to register herself/himself to avail different services under SAMS (e-Admission) such as online application, payments, selection, intimation, etc. The registration will be through an OTP (One Time Password) process, hence a mobile number & email is very crucial. Multiple registrations are restricted against single mobile & email.

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Key Dates

15-Jul-2019 to 17-Jul-2019 (05:00 pm) Admission of the Students selected in Second Selection
15-Jul-2019 to 17-Jul-2019 (05:00 pm) Updation of Annexure – 7 online by students taken admission in Second Selection
17-Jul-2019 (05:00 pm) Admission data updation of students who took admission in the Second Selection by Higher Secondary Schools in the e-Space
20-Jul-2019 (02:00 pm) Publication of the Spot Selection merit list three time to the balance seat after second merit list admission
23-Jul-2019 (02:00 pm) Registration of students for Spot Admission in the respective Higher Secondary School
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