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103-Aug-20187150Vacant Seat Admission in HSSs under SAMS for 2018-19
210-Aug-20187475Vacant Seat Admission Session 2018-19 Document Verification
308-Aug-20187343Surrender of CLC by Students at HSSs for Session 2018-19
430-Jul-20187058Clarification on Vacant Seat application Fees
530-Jul-20187054Corrigendum for Vacant Seat admission
628-Jul-20187039Date line for Vacant Seat admission in HSS
721-Jul-20186816Extension of SPOT Admission dateline for HSS
819-Jul-20186746Regarding admission completion of Auto Slide-Up students
913-Jul-20186664Guidelines of Spot Selection for admission into class XI
1013-Jul-20186646Admission of applicants in class-XI for Auto Slided Up Case