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112-Feb-201920Preparation of EMHs & Strong room for AHSE 2019
212-Feb-201921Installation of CCTV in Valuation Zones for AHSE 2019
307-Feb-2019680Special instructions to Centre Superitendents of AHSE2019
405-Feb-2019618Sponsoring names of teachers for deployment as members of Flying Squad for AHSE2019
505-Feb-20191286Contribution of CAF Fees to SAMS Society,SME for Session 2018-19
605-Feb-2019609Installation of CCTV camera in Examination Centers
705-Feb-20191282Reminder for updation of SIP data for HSSs on SAMS
802-Feb-20191199Newly upgraded Govt SSD HSSs for completion of their admission process under SAMS
930-Jan-2019525Notification for Revision rate of remuneration/contingent expenditure
1022-Jan-2019848Dateline Extension of Online HPC Application Process for Session 2018-19