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104-Apr-20191522Appointment of Examiners for the AHSE, 2019
220-Mar-20193514Regarding payment of SRCs in 1st Phase
311-Mar-20191206Information on actual requirement of question papers 2nd Phase for AHSE 2019
408-Mar-20191185Compliance of Rules & Instructions for Smooth Conduct of AHSE2019
507-Mar-20191178Helper Writer Scribe and Compensatory Cases 4th Phase
606-Mar-20191162Distribution of Regular & Ex-Regular Question Papers to candidates of AHSE 2019
702-Mar-2019096Helper Writer Scribe and Compensatory Cases 2nd Phase
802-Mar-2019097Helper Writer Scribe and Compensatory Cases 3rd Phase
923-Feb-20192043Profile information update 2019 of HSSs on project SAMS
1001-Mar-20192310Corrigendum of Letter no. 2304, Dated: 28-Feb-2019