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SL#Letter DateLetter No.SubjectDocument
103-Oct-20184969Dateline Extension for deposit of ROM fees in SBI collect
205-Oct-20188360Management of Slide up Admission on SAMS
301-Oct-20188307Regarding Online Student Transfer Admission for Class XI
401-Oct-20188256Regarding Management of Sliding up Admission
501-Oct-20188250Extension of last date for submission of ROM of Class XI
628-Sep-20188174Revised Dateline for Online Transfer Admission into ClassXII
724-Sep-20184759Deposit of ROM Fees through SBI Collect for Session 2018-19
822-Sep-20188082Facilitation of Correspondence Courses of CHSE eAdmission
910-Sep-20187934Revised Dateline for Online Student Transfer for Class XII
1004-Sep-20184402Re-addition / Re-checking of AHSE 2018 answer scripts