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109-Aug-201996002nd Phase Admission guideline
207-Aug-20199495Refund of Class XI admission fees to the Students taking CLC under SAMS for session 2019 20
326-Jul-20199194Waiting list during SPOT Admission
419-Jul-20198940Guideline for SPOT selection and admission into Class XI of HSSs
517-Jul-20193570Instructions for conduct of Instant Examinations 2019
609-Jul-20193406Notification for Instant Examination Form fill up 2019
706-Jul-20192979List of Examination Centers with tagged Institutions for the Instant HSE 2019
805-Jul-20198598Important message for consideration of Admission on SAMS for Session 2019
901-Jul-201983955Guideline for Admission into HSSs through SAMS for the Session 2019-20
1001-Jul-20198395Guidelines for admission into HSS through SAMS